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Ankara based OBD Construction Company has the capability of processing any volume of construction contracts (projects) with its dynamic and powerful staff.

OBD Construction aims at undertaking construction projects which are to support Turkish economy at international standarts, with its national and international offices. With completed and operating successive projects, our company is being proud and feels confident about future.

OBD Construction is active in almost all kind of constructional projects like dwellings, industrial facilities, cultural, sports and health centres, touristic complexes, roads, tunnels, silos as well as lines, sewer systems and irrigation systems.

High quality is appropriated as a vision of life by OBD Construction and as a principle; our company provides higher quality and more economy from the beginning to the end of a proceeding project more than demands of the employer and responses the employer's requests quickly.

One of our important missions is to provide complete satisfaction of the employer by presenting highest quality and value in our services and provide continuousness. For long term success, our company prefers to have strong relationships with our associates as a principle. Quality perceptiveness of our company is carried to the top by the well informed and experienced technical and administrative personnel involved in high volume projects at variable countries in Europe, Middle East and other regions.

To procure effective office administration and project management, the idea of usage of most recent technology is appropriated by our company, therefore all operations of office work, the control of document and supplies, any step of awarding a contract, planning, preparing a project, preliminary studying stage and any kind of communication, latest computer technologies are used by OBD Construction.
Grafikir 2012 | Tüm Hakkı Saklıdır
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